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  • Raumduft - Im Garten der Sinne - Opulent 200ml

Fragrance - Im Garten der Sinne - Opulent 200ml


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„O“ stands for „OPULENT“ – full bodied, sensual, woody. This special composition contains essential oils of cedar-wood and patchouli. 200 ml, frosted glass bottle, 15 wooden sticks, in paper – gift – box!


The diffusors „IM GARTEN DER SINNE“ are well designed with hand painted sujets and the ingredients are 100 % natural. The frosted glass bottle is filled with 200 ml of fragrance – containing a large number of high quality, pure essential oils. It comes with 15 pieces of wooden sticks. For smaller rooms use fewer sticks and upend them one or two times.

Additional Information

Product quantity 200ml
Federal state Lower Austria
Delivery time 1-14 business days
Instructions for use Caution: Keep out of the reach of children and animals! Don´t drink! Don´t apply on skin and eyes!


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