Our Quality Standards

myProduct – Quality that comes from the heart

In contrast to many other online providers and fixed location shops, we choose our producers according to strict guidelines!


Guaranteed from Austria

myProduct.at's partner companies can exclusively be companies whose production location is in Austria. We wish to promote regional added value and demonstrate to you the diversity that exists in our country and where the best quality originates from. In order to ensure this, in contrast to most other online shops, we personally visit every company before they are included in our assortment. If you are of the opinion that one of the companies listed does not go about things in the correct manner, then please tell us! Because you are also encouraged to confirm the information given by our partner companies by means of positive evaluations, or to criticize them through critical comments and thus help us shape our range of products.


Sustainable production and love for the product

The existing statutory standards are high - nevertheless, there are values which are also of special concern to us: respect for nature, animals and people, openness, authenticity and honesty are fundamental values, which are a must in our company. At our partner companies, you will feel the passion and dedication of their work in every product you purchase here.

Maximum transparency and the right to contribute

The best seal of quality is the person behind the product. Therefore, we stand for traceability of products to these producers, whose work and visions are directly supported by every purchase from us. We think that buying and selling on the Internet should also be something personal - because that is the really nice thing about shopping – isn't it? This is why you can contact us at any time, ask us questions about the products or submit product requests.


Our certificates

Our trading activities with organic products are certified by the Austria Bio Garantie.

ABG Siegel


"The best seal of quality in the world is the person behind the product"

Rainer Neuwirth, Michael Schruef, Thomas Poscher

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